Board of Directors


James H. Dotson, Jr., Ph.D.

James Dotson, Founder & President of Training for Transformation®, is an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors and serves as its Chair.


Crystal D. Hollingsworth, B.S. Information Systems, SEC+

Crystal is involved in the field of Information Technology, specializing in Cyber Security and Network Engineering.  For over 20 years, she has work for the federal government and the private sector as consultant, direct hire, and contractor.  She has also provided consultative and administrative services, inclusive of a multiplicity of collegiate accreditations and other educational projects, to several organizations. Currently, she serves as a Senior Security Auditor for an international organization.

Crystal is a team player, with an open and direct style of communication, who uses humor, listening skills, and broad knowledge and interests to create a pleasant working environment.

Crystal is a committed Christian and serves actively within her faith community. She is currently a member in good standing of Columbia Community Center of Seventh-day Adventists (CCC7DA), where she recently served as Co-Leader of the CCC7DA Communications Committee.


Randall Phillips, MBA with Emphasis on Materials Logistic Management (Operations Management)

Randall worked for the USA Federal Government for 30 years until his retirement in 2019. He worked as Auditor, Technical Specialist and Supervisory Auditor for the Defense Contract Audit Agency, a Civilian arm of the Department of Defense. During his tenure, he received numerous superior awards from his organization and the customers he served.

Prior to his employment with the Federal Government, Randall worked as Associate Professor at Atlantic Union College, Lancaster, MA. He also served as Adjunct Professor of Accounting at Assumption College, Worcester, MA. Before moving to Massachusetts, he was the manager of Adventist Book Centers in the Northern Caribbean territories and Adjunct Professor at the University of the Virgin Islands, St. Croix, USVI.

Randall has been an ordained Elder of the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church for over forty years. He has served in numerous capacities in the SDA Church, including treasurer for more than 20 years. He is a charter member of Columbia Community Center (CCC) of Seventh-day Adventists where he currently serves as treasurer. He is a sought-after Adult Sabbath School teacher. He has also served as alternate member of the Allegheny East Conference Corp of Seventh-day Adventists Executive Committee. He has also been an active member of his undergraduate College Alumni Association where he served as treasurer for more than a decade.


Ben Moss, BBA, MCOM

After graduating with a Bachelors in Business Administration from an American accredited Christian college in India, Ben went on to getting a Masters in Commerce from the University of Pune, India. Over the past 30 years or more, he has worked in various accounting, budget and financial, and managerial positions in India, and here in the United States at the World Bank in Washington, DC, which is an international organization. He has also worked with church youth groups as a teacher and mentor and served on church boards and as Treasurer and financial planner of various local churches in Northern Virginia. He has a passion to guide and mentor youth to follow God’s designed Christian lifestyles and values. He and his wife are retired and live in Tyler, Texas.

Gina S. Brown, Ph.D., RN, MSA
For more than 25 years, Dr. Gina Brown has been working professionally in many spheres within North America, Asia and Africa. Her expertise as a professional administrator (educator and nurse), in addition to her wide academic experience in many areas (traditional, adult and on-line learning) has allowed for: the building of numerous academic graduate and undergraduate programs; the securing and management of millions of dollars of grant funding; the writing, management and expertise of the academic accreditation process on all levels; as well as the management of human resources and numerous other non-academic areas, all which are noted as hallmarks of her accomplishments.

Dr. Brown holds four degrees. This includes undergraduate nursing degree and undergraduate biology degree, in addition to graduate studies in anatomy. She received her Master of Science degree in Health Services Administration in 1989 and her Ph.D. degree in Administration (with a focus on Nursing, Policy and Ethics) in 1999.

Administratively, Dr. Brown has garnered experience in a number of roles, from that of a specialization in various avenues within the healthcare arena, to that of Professor, Associate Vice President, and now working as the Dean at one of the most prestigious academic communities. She is a noted transformational leader and Administrator on many different levels, and is a well-published and noted author. Currently, Dr. Brown serves as the Dean for the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences at Howard University in Washington, DC.

Pauline Phillips, MA in School Counseling, National Certification in Educational Supervision & Administration

Pauline served as a high school counselor in the Howard County Public School System for 21 years until her retirement in 2015. During her tenure, she served as the head of the counseling department for 17 years, earned the distinction of being named Howard County High School Counselor of the Year for 2006, and Maryland High School Counselor of the Year for 2007. Advocacy was one of the areas in which Pauline distinguished herself during this time. Among her accomplishments was her work in advocating to end local school policy of testing international students from English-speaking countries and placing them in ESOL programs. Her advocacy for a student with a rare degenerative neurological disorder, led to the student being granted her heart’s desire by Make a Wish Foundation just months prior to her death from the disease.

Prior to her employment with the school system, Pauline worked in college administration at Atlantic Union College in Lancaster, MA. She has served on numerous organization and community policy and administrative committees, including the Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce Board, and currently she is a member of the Howard County Community Organizations Active in Disaster.

Pauline is a charter member of Columbia Community Center (CCC) of Seventh-day Adventists. She has held numerous leadership positions at CCC, including 16 years as First Elder, that placed her on the CCC Church Board for the 24 years of the church’s existence.