We provide communications, coaching and consulting services to help individuals:



Speaking: We are available to speak on topics related to sexuality, including healthy sexuality; parenting healthy sexuality; dating, courtship and marriage; sexual abuse and exploitation; and sexual immorality and addictions. Contact Us for more information or to make arrangements.

Events: We conduct events related to sexuality. We also promote events on sexuality conducted by other individuals, groups and organizations. Visit our Events page for a list of current events. Or Contact Us to arrange TFT participation in an event you are hosting.

Resource Center: We maintain resources on a variety of topics, including sexuality, wellness  and change and transformation. Visit our online Resource Center selected resources on these topics.


Depending on your needs and interests, we are available to help you to experience healing from sexual abuse, gain victory over sexual immorality, break free from sexual addictions, or live according to God's design for sexuality.

Coaching is an ongoing relationship between you and a professional coach that focuses on helping you achieve your vision and goals.

We begin with where you are now, and then focus forward to help you improve the quality of your life in the future.

Coaching is available in-person or via teleconference or videoconference. Contact Us to schedule an appointment.


We can help your group or organization develop policies, procedures, programs, and services that promote healing from sexual abuse, victory over sexual immorality, deliverance from sexual addictions, and healthy sexuality among your staff and volunteers, students, members, or constituents.

We tailor our services to fit your particular needs and interests. We can focus on prevention, help you work through specific issues or problems, or do a combination of both. We can also help you develop partnerships and identify resources in your community to support your efforts.

For more information about our services, call +1 (571) 340-3316 or email us at [email protected]